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Xvideo persian

Over the centuries, the Persian language (Farsi) and culture have prevailed even with many conquerors crossing through this land.

Persians comprise over sixty percent of the 79 million people in Iran and it's as 'Persians' that many identify themselves.

The video presents a distorted version of Iran’s history beginning with the Arab-Islamic conquest of the Sassanid Persian Empire using original footage, film clips pilfered from other sources and computer-generated animation.

The Farsi-speaking fighters who speak on camera appear to be Iranian Baluch, Kurds or Arabs.

They are apparently from a new brigade named after Salman al Farsi, a Persian who became one of the Prophet Muhammad’s first followers.

ISIS’ hostility towards Iran is not surprising given that Iran has been heavily involved in the fight against ISIS through its military support for Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

On March 27, the Islamic State group released a rare Farsi-language video threatening Iran.• Pray for the church to rapidly multiply and mature despite horrendous persecution against non-Muslim peoples.• Pray for Christians to capitalize on unprecedented opportunities to spread the Gospel via Internet, TV, and media.Vice President Joe Biden said there was "nothing to apologize for.""When you have a problem with the boat, you apologize the boat had a problem?No, and there was no looking for any apology," Biden told "CBS This Morning." "This was just standard nautical practice."It is still unclear if the stricken boat suffered mechanical or navigational failure.

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