Xbox 360 dashboard not updating

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Xbox 360 dashboard not updating

I can't afford an expensive repair job or to replace it. On the TV screen the picture is frozen on the ribbons just be fore the xbox logo, been that way for 3 days, so, there is no way to get to the dashboard.The controller is useless since it can't communicate with the console so I can't press Y RT.WHAT’S GOOD My Pins Last year’s update might have made it easier to find things such as the Netflix app, but it made it difficult to sort through your game library.By dumping all the searchable content into one list and then letting users narrow down what they’re looking for with a separate setting, Microsoft made the dashboard much less intuitive than the original search by genre and letter menus were.No matter how you set up the Pins menu, it’s useful.Microsoft also fully integrated it with the new Internet Explorer app by letting you pin your favorite websites alongside applications.It's easy to blame Windows 8, the operating system that has powered the Xbox One for two years, but the problems run much deeper.

Adding and removing apps is very quick, making it easy to change what you want to use.

My own personal experience over the last few weeks with the NXOE has been very positive.

The overall speed of the console, including boot up time and wake from standby mode, is significantly improved over its predecessor.

My Xbox 360 has worked fine for 18 months but today it just stopped.

I can turn on the console, the green ring is on but it will cycle and do nothing. The controller is flashing green and cycles a few times.

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The global roll out of the new Windows 10 based dashboard for the Xbox One console has begun today and will be a mandatory update for all Xbox One consoles on 23 November.

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