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Before Phil Vassar hit the charts as a singer, his songs landed mega hits for others.

"Marriage is about love," Paquin tweeted on June 8, "not gender." In case you didn't know, the character Damian who was "too gay to function" in "Mean Girls" is actually gay.

Today Vassar is grateful, but way back when, he never anticipated that his music would be sung by anyone other than himself. 1 hits, 15 Top 10, and 26 Top 40 songs, “Well you know, it’s funny because I had absolutely no intention of writing songs for any of those guys. And then, of course, all the record labels had their own ideas about what they thought would work, or what was good, or what was bad.

And they were always like, ‘You know Phil, you’re a pretty good singer man.

He has charted nineteen singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including two which peaked at No.

1: 2000's "Just Another Day in Paradise" and 2004's "In a Real Love".

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Actor Daniel Franzese, seen here at a screening of "Dirty Girl" in 2011 in Los Angeles, California, revealed to the Los Angeles Dish Nation radio hosts that he is gay.

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