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didn’t just join a walk or ride to raise money for HIV.

She started a whole organization: Acting Outlaws, a sort of charitable biker gang that rolls into town with mufflers blaring to raise money and awareness for issues like HIV stigma and environmental destruction.

In MTV's Undressed, Sackhoff had her first recurring role.

' And I was like, ' Perfect, I'll do it.' So I was actually in the movie, but not in the movie." PHOTOS: Broadway Musicals That Have Sung Their Way to the Big Screen producer Elizabeth Banks even posted an on-set photo with Sackhoff during production, with Sackhoff donning a brown wig.I said to my fiancé yesterday, “I feel like my purpose in life is gone.” Like I don’t know what to do with myself, because I’ve been caring for him for so long that I’m just at a complete loss. I love that you’re not just a philanthropic performer, but you also started a charity organization. Acting Outlaws really started because Tricia [Helfer] and I really have always kind of questioned what to do with the soapbox we’re given as actors.She and I had wanted to kind of really marry our love of riding motorcycles with our sort of lifelong ethical [responsibility].Two of Sackhoff’s former male castmates showed up in the sketch, and Sackhoff, who is actually from Portland, said she can’t believe they didn’t call her to join in.“Do they know I’m from Portland at all? Vic is just as androgynous as Starbuck and she’s the show’s sole female star.When it comes to what we’ll see for her character, Sackhoff jokes we can just read the books, although things might be changed a bit on screen.

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