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Vanness wu dating

According to Taiwanese media, Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo has requested a divorce from her celebrity husband, Vanness Wu.Arissa and Vanness started dating way back in 2006, and broke off twice during their relationship.I will not address any of my personal matters.” Source: Apple Daily This article is written for Reproduction or reposting this article on other websites is STRICTLY prohibited.

Just more than a year, their wedding was said to be on the rocks. A woman’s struggle and what goes on behind the scenes, no one will ever know and understand.” Reports also said that Arissa realised that their marriage life was a far cry from their dating days, and they had problems getting along.LOL, the two Wu boys – those two had tons of fun filming AC, too bad their characters had very few scenes together.A few notables were missing, namely Tiffany Hsu who played the second female lead doctor/fiancée to Vanness’ character (and one of the rare awesome second female leads ever to grace a drama screen) and Amanda Zhu who was the third female lead and nursed a crush on Chris’ character in the drama.The public’s interest once was again piqued when news of Ken Chu having a new girlfriend hit the newsstand a few days ago.The 36-year old former F4 member was seen at a shopping mall holding hands with 33-year old Chinese singer-actress Han Wen Wen.

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A week after Director Chen Hui Ling led some of her cast and crew from her mega-hit award winning drama with Mike He, she went back to Taipei and organized an even more jam-packed reunion dinner for AC.

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