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The author has sampled this genre extensively, watching multiple episodes of most of the shows that are discussed in this paper as well as reading show-related chat rooms, both official and unofficial, and websites.

This sampling has not been systematic, nor does the author's speculations in this analysis represent formal research; rather, they are the views of an observer informed by 30 years of feminist psychology, seasoned with the real-life experience of work on one such show." [Psych Info] Contents: Film and fantasy : the perverse gaze -- Big brother : peep shows to reality TV -- Television and taboo : the limits of Sex and the city -- Women and post-porn : Romance to Annie Sprinkle -- The full monty : postmodern men and the media -- Mills & Boon dot com : the beast in the bedroom -- Cybersex : from television to teledildonics -- Queering the media : a gay gaze -- The cyberstar : digital pleasures and the new reality -- Crisis TV : terrorism and trauma -- The global self and the new reality.

Examines the fascination of the people in the United States with reality television programs.

Criticisms against the voyeurism of reality television programs; Findings of a survey which examined the reasons for the public's fascination with reality programs; Misconceptions about reality television programs and why people watch them.

Following the successful model, a number of reality dating shows made by other regional stations have appeared on China's small screen.

Hunan Satellite TV started airing Women Yuhui Ba (我们约会吧, “Let's Go on a Date”), Zhejiang Satellite TV has Wei Ai Xiang Qian Chong (为爱向前冲, “Go for Love”), and now Shanghai is also introducing its own version of reality dating TV.

, which also includes instructions on how to send us e-mail for corrections to menus or general show info.

Although the tight connection between love and money is not new (in China or anywhere else in the world), the public nature of the bold statements and actions of the xiang qin (相亲, reality dating shows) contestants is getting people across China talking.What could reality TV be teaching adolescent girls, in particular, about what is valued in the real world?And, how does it affect their attitudes, beliefs, self-image and behavior? Physical Beauty And Sex Appeal Many reality shows depict women idealizing beauty and thinness, giving the impression that a woman’s value is based on her appearance, and that popularity is derived from beauty.This lists only those shows currently running new episodes For a complete list of all shows, go to For the primetime US TV Schedule grid go to For the Fall US TV Schedule grid go to For TV show music on CD go to For today's new episodes go to or try TV Calendar or On-My.TV or TVnfo For today's new talk show guests go to Interbridge's Lineups To find the next time an episode will play in your area, visit the Direc TV Channel Guide and search by the episode name.

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In that regard, no matter how contrived the story lines, the stereotypes of women on reality shows appear highly consistent with those seen in other aspects of popular media.

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