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Tips dating an au pair and

For me, they were the only people I knew when I began au pairing and I quickly realised that they were the ones who could advise me on the best places to go, make me aware of any issues within the city and even help out in a difficult situation. Many websites and agencies will stress the importance of ensuring that you are covered for injury and illness through a form of social security, or perhaps insurance if you do not have a traditional au pair contract for any reason.While you might want to keep your independence a lot of the time, knowing that they are there in an emergency can be comforting. However, it is easy to forget about insurance for possessions.We wish you and your family the best of luck as you try and find the best possible care. The majority of au pairs have “some” experience with children.With this handbook, you are well on your way there! They must meet a minimum number of hours babysitting or working with children in advance of coming to the Australia.Get to know your family It’s easy for things to get a little overwhelming when you’re living with a host family.Whether or not you make friends with your host parents depends on various factors such as personality, age, stress levels of everyone involved and time spent together. But whether you’re a live-in or live-out au pair, the family can be a great support system if you get on well….(click title or photo to see more) By Olivia Brett (Editor) Au pairing is an amazing experience, but many people encounter more obstacles when they are away than they might have expected.Even if you’re already abroad, there are companies that will insure you.

Working with children is unpredictable and you should be able to play one minute while helping with homework the next.

They come from countries around the world, mostly originating from Germany, France and the UK.

Many are longing to experience the world, sharpen their English skills and gain freedom from their families for a 6 month period.

Weekend adventures, immersion in a culture and a steady wage.

Becoming an au pair abroad allows you to live like a local and really experience a country. Well it is pretty great, but if you think it's an easy ride, think again. Anybody who's good with kids; male or female, young or old.

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Please take the time to read through the Handbook and of course contact us if you have any questions or concerns prior to your Au Pair's arrival.

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