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A lil' about myself: 19, soph at Kent State University & I represent Sig Ep!

$That is the link to the track, holla at me if you'd like to see the music video to it also, but make sure the entire link is in the URL window for the site to work.

Holla $crilla PS I can't believe I randomly found this post. I found it searching on Kazaa a while ago, and I have been making anyone and everyone listen to it. I loved the last line so much, that it is the Theme for our recruitment this year (I am the VP Membership and I have to have a theme for recruitment workshops.) You'll notice its in my signature too.

I would love to see the video, but the link isn't working. One of my friends from another chapter told me about the song, and now all the Thetas at UTD absolutely love it!

Some fun factoids about me; I’m a third year Nursing Student (make all the “Meet the Fockers” jokes you want), I am a townie, and I pledged APO the Spring semester of my first year.We reached out to Kornelius and he opened up to us about how the couple met at North Carolina State University:“I was a campus leader and hosting an event, I spotted her in the crowd and immediately had a crush on her.With Free Spirit Singles, you can sign up for free.We would like to commend this brother for his Grade A proposal.She showed up looking AMAZING as Deltas do and he popped the question when she least expected it — on a helicopter pad on the top of a building.

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