Svnx error validating server certificate

Posted by / 10-Apr-2016 06:23

Svn X is a free and open source SVN client for the Mac.

Subversion is the server-side software that I use for this. Let’s take a closer look at setting up my favorite SVN client for the Mac – Svn X.The command-line Subversion 1.4 client comes with Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard").For Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier there are a number of solutions, from installers (Martin Ott's Subversion packages are highly regarded, at or Fink/Mac Ports, to compiling it from source.I have faced the annoying problem that for unknown reasons I got a security exception when accessing the subversion repository for one of my Google Code projects.This used to work before, but maybe the server has been changed.

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This author just uses Mac Ports: sudo port install subversion in For those more graphically inclined, there are a few Mac OS X native options.

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