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Before you continue reading this one, if you have a second (or 15 minutes extra) please read my birth story with Gio.Only after you have read that one will you understand how different my experience with Charlie was.So he’s made me feel like it’s OKAY to acknowledge the great things and the great person that you are, without letting what you consider failures to take over and make you feel like you haven’t done much or you need to do so much more. Heck, I expect to make a ton more for the years to come…but different kinds of mistakes.There used to be a time I was so aggressive, so ready to argue with anyone that had anything sideways to say to me, let alone if they messed with my friends. There were times I literally fought men if I felt like they disrespected my friends when we went out to the club.

I’ve gotten a lot better at that, mainly with the help of my husband who’s always, always, and i mean always pointing out all the great qualities I have.My first pair of shoes were patent pink with a very tiny heel.My father had purchased them for me on his business trip abroad. I know it was definitely before I had started school. Every night, before bed, I would put them underneath my bed and first thing I would do in the morning was check to see if they were still there.Yea back then I was doing it for loyalty but as I have gotten older, wiser, and am now a mother, I realize loyalty doesn’t have to be proven that way.Matter of fact being put in those situations alone is just a thing of the past.

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Someone as complex as I am needs someone calm and relaxed like Jeremy is. And even now that I’m a stay at home mom, he finds comfort in knowing that he can come home and talk about his work knowing I understand everything. It is what I need to feel good about life and it’s what I need to find peace. Heck, I think I mentioned it to him on the first few dates.