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Snapon ratchet dating

Thus, Snap-on tools are sold only by dealers and none are sold in retail stores.Their quality is highly regarded but their prices are also among the very highest.Snap-on is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools and equipment to professional tool users.Founded in 1920, Snap-on is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and employs approximately 11,500 people worldwide.

After World War II, Palmer advertised for a military officer to organize and develop a larger sales force for the expected post-war sales boom.“I wanted to add a little inside information about Snap On Tools. If you are thinking the Snap On Tool business invest your money in a business that can earn you more then k a year. It is at there discretion if they will allow it but it can be an option. You can even read why SBA won’t guarantee Snap On Franchise loans. So how is it a business opportunity if you can’t grow? “Snap On does allow you to get 2nd route if your looking to grow. When you join Snap On you are just a glorified employee. If you don’t believe me read the Snap on FDD Document.

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The text notes that the collection would make up 50 wrenches, which was sometimes summarized in a "5 Do the Work of 50" catch phrase.