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Major Crimes is set to kick off its winter episodes on Monday, Feb.

I think we'll have more "experiments" this season Oh, well Audition 1:1. He drunk a lot of coffee before his audition (so he says - 10 tea spoons for 0.5 l water), so feels a bit high.

Choreographers Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh, respectively, led the guys and girls to spiffy effect (doesn’t Sonya do so?

), but Tyce Di Orio’s final number of the evening with the entire clan (a mess of a routine set to Annie Lennox’ “Little Bird”) was rather lackluster and drab. Jordan Casanova, 18, Chino Hills, California: Jazz; Alexander Fost, 21, Pasadena, California: Contemporary; Tadd Gadduang, 25, West Valley, Utah: Street; Marko Germar, Jazz, 22, Canoga Park, California: Jazz; Ricky Jaime, 18, Tampa, Florida: Contemporary; Wadi Jones, 24, Ossining, New York: Breaking; Mitchell Kelly, 20, Atlanta, Georgia: Contemporary; ; Christopher Koehl, 21, Garland, Texas: Hip-hop; Caitlynn Lawson, 18, Moses Lake, Washington: Contemporary; Jess Le Protto, 18, Little Falls, New Jersey: Musical theater; Iveta Lukosiute, 30, New York City: Ballroom; Miranda Maleski, 19, North Hollywood, California: Contemporary; Sasha Mallory, 23, Bakersfield, California: Contemporary; Melanie Moore, 19, New York, New York: Contemporary; Missy Morelli, 19, Studio City, California: Jazz; Clarice Ordaz, 19, Whittier, California: Jazz; Ryan Ramirez, 19, Morgan Hill, California: Contemporary; Ashley Rich, 22, Emeryville, California: Contemporary; Robert Taylor Jr., 30, Brooklyn, New York: Hip-hop; and, Nick Young, 19, Franklin, Wisconsin: Tap. Nearly half of the contestants are from the Golden State.

Here are the blurbs for the three frontrunners: Danny Tidwell, 23 — For a guy who thinks every routine calls a pirouette (or seven), dancing hip-hop can be daunting.

“I’m not so good at that,” says the former American Ballet Theatre dancer and Manhattan resident.

“But it’s cool to try.” (Luckily, he has his brother Travis Wall, who was the show’s season-two runner-up, to give him advice. “How fast I can devour chocolate,” he says.) Something else she’d like to try? “I could totally lick her toes.” Lacey Schwimmer, 19 — “I grew up in a family of dancers,” says Lacey, whose brother Benji won last season.

I think if he could take some real dance classes - he could do well. , you strained your brain to keep track of everything which unfurled on the fourth episode. In a nutshell, Wednesday’s 2-hour episode in Vegas consisted of Hip Hop, Broadway, Ballroom, a group round and Contemporary for the judges to consider who would stay and who would go. And then came announcement time the following evening. An interesting bit of news from Nigel Lythgoe, first: When the Top 20 pares down to a Top 10 later in the season, the all stars will make their appearances to dance with the remaining 10. Those who follow the show will remember there was controversy last year in that a mere contestants made the final cut, not the usual twenty. But I did have the wherewithal to extract a few stats that flew by among the dancers’ leaps and bounds.June 11, 2011 at PM I thought it was annoying how they drew out the whole Ryan Ramirez thing — as if she WOULDN’T have made it after all that hoopla added to the drama of last year.And I “love” how they had to pair her up with Alexa, who is practically her twin.

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So he decided to try to express himself in other art forms. I want to see what she can do without the props.16) Lera - Not bad.17) Stepan - Meh.18) Julia? But I liked her athletic look; and maybe she has potential.21) Sergei - Ok-ish.22) Tatiana - I liked her look, and she seems nice, but the dancing was ugh. But why would half-way decent dancers ever subject themselves knowingly to that kind of BS?