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Within minutes, Bill was giving the Doctor the lowdown about what turned her on, describing a girl she noticed when she worked in a university canteen.

Many have had comfortable, long-term relationships and have gotten secure in their daily existence.

It is a curious effect of the passage of time that The Rolling Stones are now as much admired for their business acumen as for their rock and roll.

Nearly half a century after their rebellious beginnings, the Stones remain the world’s highest-earning rock stars.

According to one insider, he even refers to her using the term of endearment "my girl" — as in, "My girl is calling." PHOTOS: Tom and Katie, the way they were For much more on their undercover romance — including exclusive details on their at-home date nights, what their kids know, and how he "cut his roster" of ladies to make her a priority — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, out now!

Fans tuning in to Doctor Who expect to find the Tardis and a perhaps a Dalek or two – but certainly not ‘girl-on-girl titillation’.

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Let’s look at that list again, and you may see some challenges.