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You might ask yourself how he could spend that much and what he could spend it on.Chris seemingly buys everything possible, from game content to movies to several episodes of terrible harem anime.I'm speaking, of course, about Microsoft's recent move to partner up with every other company working on virtual reality that's Sony, of which Shu (as he's commonly referred to) says is no concern. And, of course, we've been supporting the third-party's and first-party's developments and everything has to align. And there's been a lot of talk that the barrier to VR, even though we've overcome things technically, is making that a social experience because it's very isolating. So the Worldwide Studios teams are heavily involved in the system development itself. So in your view, you look down and there are four small robots running around and trying to shoot and throw something at you. And in order to stabilize it, the other person, who is not wearing Morpheus, has an instruction manual. And implementation is done so that we just switch off the TV because around December of last year we only had mirroring mode. see the success of Igarashi-san's and Suzuki-san's and get encouraged to do their own.At E3 this week, I had a chance to sit down with the friendly face of Play Station to pick his brain about making Morpheus more social, embracing crowdfunding to revive cult classics and just what is going on with In terms of development, it's going very well. And if you try the demo at E3, the team has been making slight improvements here and there. And I spend lots of time joining the meetings with the hardware guys and debating the technical issues and design issues. And that person has to tell the person wearing Morpheus how to do the job. So the people outside the Morpheus see the same screen as the person in Morpheus. Yeah, so the video we showed [on Monday] is totally playable. And we chose to do video because the press conference is really tightly scheduled and because the nature of the game is an adventure game. Actually, making the game on PS3 was super difficult so basically we gave up. And the team did an amazing job porting the code onto the SPUs.

On 24 July 2009, a video of Chris humping his beloved PS3 was leaked onto 4-cent garbage's /v/.

In his wisdom, Thaddeus never returned the PSN accounts to this day.

Clyde Cash: Plea to Clyde | Chris Comes Out of the Closet | Vibrator destruction video | The proof | BACK THE FUCK OFF | Secret Weapon | Take that Page DOWN NOW!

Chris himself sat in on an IRC chat where a coterie of trolls planned the making of the video, where he believed that he had effectively hidden his identity.

Bits of Chris's monologue are simply repetitions of what he heard during the chat.

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We are working to finalize the price and release date and day one launch titles and what's in the box, including if there's any game to come with it. Now this is something that my team keeps pestering me about asking you and our Twitch audience wants to know: They want me to ask you about light bar support.

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