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Not dating for years

I'm not naive enough to think that there wasn't some damage done, but I am smart enough to know that it wasn't permanent.

Two weeks ago in the New York Times, Sara Eckel described how difficult it was to explain to her dates that she hadn’t had a serious boyfriend in eight years. One of her dates actually asked her: “What’s wrong with you? Eckel worked hard to fill her life with activities to avoid the pain of being single. And in the dark of Saturday night, I still asked myself, ‘What’s wrong with me?To this day, people still ask me, "Why aren't you dating? I have perfected the art of being alone, but not being lonely." or "You should find a man" or my favorite, "You know what you need? I feel as though this is one of the weird little parting gifts of divorce, one that took me a long time to discover and even longer to appreciate. Don't get me wrong: I don't spend all of my free time alone.For two years, I was locked in a battle with myself. I'm not writing to say that my two years of not dating were magical and wonderful and that I rediscovered myself and fell in love with life again. I am mostly writing to say that you get to — — make matters of the heart.I'm not even writing to say that I think everyone should take a long break from dating. And, sometimes, we have other things that require our full attention. But my heartache, and my exile, wasn’t even about dating.

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It seems you’re skipping over any potential conflict and leaping to the conclusion that maybe you should break up with him.

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