New to dating after divorce

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New to dating after divorce

Here are three post-divorce dating dangers and how you can avoid them:1. Trusting a new man once you've been hurt by your ex-husband is difficult.

Yet, if you don't get rid of this distrust toward men it will destroy your chance of finding someone new.

As the writer Deborah Moggach has said, “most of us are lonely, and we all want the same thing.” To meet another person, that is.

Yet the process is rarely straightforward, not least when, like Moggach, 67, you are past the first flush of youth.

Valentine’s Day is horrible, Christmas is painful, birthdays can make even the strongest-hearted weak with pain.Although fear can be destabilizing, it can also serve as a positive motivator for change.Unresolved fear can act as a paralytic agent that can force us into stagnation or lead us to the uncomfortable feeling of being “stuck”.Among her first-person tales of dating disasters are the man who removed his false teeth at dinner and then attempted to eat shitake mushrooms; the men who want taking care of; the men who bore on about cars, and those who really just want someone to tuck up next to them in bed so they feel less alone.As she stared at her “date”, a handsome but cocky banker called Jeremy, over dinner, only the coldest-hearted of viewers could have failed to feel for her. Everyone turned and looked at me and I felt embarrassed and ashamed.

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Whether you've already started dating after divorce, or you're about to take the plunge, chances are good you're going to be tempted to give in to three behaviors that will sabotage either your ability to move on from your marriage, or seriously reduce the chance you'll find a wonderful new man.

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