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Nelly still dating ashanti 2016

I'm in a different place right now." While both the "Rock With U" singer and the "Just a Dream" rapper kept their decade-long relationship breakup pretty under wraps, it does sound like the 34-year-old is ready to move on with her life.

The 40-year-old hip-hop star also has his own opinions about their pair's "bizarre" relationship.

#rarebreed #braveheart," she captioned in one of the photos.

Last week, Mayweather made headlines after he admitted to posting a photo of an ultrasound to social media, then blasted Jackson again for having an abortion when she was pregnant with his babies.

’s top 200 list, making it her fifth consecutive top 10 album.

The R&B singer and her rapper ex-boyfriend have been confirmed on the shows roster Shaggy confirmed.You were serving up the sex appeal with those outfits. I had those for the movie I was filming, so I had eight people in my head taking out the braids. We on the clock.” [laughs] EBONY: Speaking of being a sexy woman in charge, there’s been some public debate about that recently. I’m super grateful for a fan base that is invested in me. I think from the moment I hit the scene, I’ve given a down to earth, approachable person, around-the-way girl type of vibe and I’ve remained that. To still be here and be relevant and have fans that have stood by is a great feeling. I had to take them out so I could get all the different hairstyles I needed to get for the video. Annie Lennox has done a couple interviews condemning Beyoncé specifically, but really women entertainers in general, about being too overtly sexual: “Twerking is not feminism.” Do you think it’s possible to be a feminist, or at least pro-woman, and have provocative dance moves or clothing? It’s a lot of hard work going through everything I’ve been through. chatted with Ashanti about her multi-pronged career, her current dating life, and whether or not she’d be willing to work with her famous ex, Nelly. I learned the dance routine right before we shot the video.EBONY: You just released a video for your song “Early in the Morning” featuring French Montana. I had what they call thebraids that Janet Jackson wore in the movie. Ashanti: It’s important to be invested in your fans.

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I'm not a big fan of people being cowards," she adds.

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