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Grand theft auto san andreas dating katie

Katie Zhan is a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

She is one of protagonist Carl Johnson's possible girlfriends.

When you reach the 100% you will get a suit from most of your girlfriends delivered in your wardrobe.

There are three kind of dates: dancing, go out for a meal and go out for a drive. During a date you can give your girlfriend a gift to satisfy her and improve your progress with a girl.

The progress needed for sex after a successful date will be canceled as soon as all oysters are collected, after a successful date they always wanna have sex despite the progress.

And when you killed Helena, Michelle, Katie or Barbara by accident or if one of these ladies have dumped CJ than they can be found at their meeting point, but only if CJ owns all 50 oysters.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheat: Weapon Set 2 To unlock the Knife, Pistol, Sawnoff Shotgun, Tec 9, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, Grenades, Fire Extinguisher in Unlock some new rides in GTA: San Andreas enter: R1, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT.Below you will find some information about the kind of dates and about the girlfriends and their likes and dislikes.Girlfriends will be marked on the radar with this marker: The demands of some ladies towards Carl Johnson, like the amount of fat and muscles, can be ignored as soon as all the oysters are collected, than they all wanna be his girlfriend.Although she actually lives there, it is possible that she doesn't like her neighborhood.When Katie decides to do a driving date with Carl, awkwardly when starting (in front of her house), she will say that she doesn't like that place and sometimes says that she doesn't want to live there.

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She is a nurse in an ER unit in an unnamed hospital.

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