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Double dating is an excellent idea if you want to meet someone new and you aren’t quite comfortable with being alone with them yet.You can invite a couple you know to come along too. Happn won’t work underground, and Tinder only lets you search to the nearest mile. The app is designed to tackle issues that the founders experienced with online dating, although the main thing that defines Antidate is the differing experiences it offers male and female daters.

Relationship questionnaires were completed by each couple, both before and after the date.

The Spark will only deliver once you’re no longer around, and then the receiver has just 24 hours to get in contact before the Spark disappears. It works over Bluetooth, so you can use it on the tube.

His general view of the app is a stats screen, highlighting how many women are nearby, and how many have viewed his profile.

Each couple involved was either dating or married for at least a year.

Slatcher and his team split the couples into two similar studies.

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