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NOTE: I also ended up cutting 3 more of the shorter pieces for center supports (not shown) but I'll get to those in a minute :) After everything was cut, I balanced the pieces on the bottom of the trunk to make sure they all fit. The whole thing was very sturdy but I wasn't sure what we'd be storing inside of the trunk.Vintage trunks are exquisite pieces that serve both as wonderful decorative accents and as useful storage containers.It is important to me to show the history of the trunk.As I was getting ready to turn the trunk into a bookshelf, I noticed some surface damages to the trunk, which changed my plan on how I wanted to change it. After coating a couple of times, I painted the metal with silver oil-based paint. Next, we cleaned up the inside, stripping the fabric, and spraying with the Kilz. We installed the shelf support strips with wood glue, and braced them wood scraps until the glue set hardened.

I'd tell you how long each piece is but that won't help you because the length of the pieces will vary depending on the size of your trunk.

Natural wood chests and trunks can be painted or decorated with fabrics and wallpapers.

Old chests add chic of precious antique items to modern interior decorating, connecting generations and creating beautiful centerpieces.

A chest trunk -- antique or reproduction -- provides storage space with drawers in one attractive unit.

While not originally intended as decor, these pieces are a throwback to an era where trips on steamships resulted in lengthy travel, requiring travelers to pack quite a few personal goods at once, all in one piece of luggage.

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Antique items are impressive, expensive and classy.

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