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Take a quick survey and receive a custom wardrobe that will serve as your personal roadmap to dress better. For a lot of guys trying to dress well can be downright frustrating.Trying to figure out what is in style, where to buy it, how to match it with other items, make sense of what to wear in a situation – it is no surprise that it can be intimidating and stressful.There is something even manlier and more primal about a beard than either a man bun or a hairy chest. It's the first thing a person will notice, and the first thing a guy will be asked about.The man with a beard is a confident, desirable man.

It's too buttoned-up for a time when you're trying to be natural and charming.

It was also a part of the standard Navy uniform from 1901 to World War II, and was made iconic in the 50’s and 60’s by Hollywood leading men like Brando, Dean and Mc Queen.

There has been a relatively new trend set off in recent years — a regression to primal urges — where women find themselves attracted to men with facial and body hair.

The guy with the one stupid fedora he wears everywhere, no matter what the rest of his outfit is.

The guy who always wears suspenders, even with a belt. And, less unique but equally unvaried, there’s always the guy who just wears jeans and a non-descript shirt and sneakers whenever he’s not required to dress up. The quickest way to impress people with your look is to vary it.

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For this reason, budget-conscious menswear advocates including Primer often talk about certain essentials that act as a foundation for an up-and-coming wardrobe.

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