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It featured a better bias circuit that allowed for more precise bias settings for your output tubes.Blackface models also had some different value components in various places throughout the amp which resulted in what most players consider to be a better tone.The only indication of power is the “300 watts” label on the back.I've wanted a silverface Twin or Pro Reverb since I was a teen.The silverface Fender Twin Reverb was a very popular amplifier for guitar players, and it was the amplifier of choice for Rhodes piano players.

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Showman - 12/15/Double 6G14 6G14-A Showman - 12/15/Dual AA763 Showman - 15/Dual AB763 AB568 AC568 Showman Reverb - Dual AA270 AA768 AA769 100W 100W Master Vol.

• Convert to a better bias adjustment circuit for improved tone and longer power tube life for your silverface Fender amp?

Blackface Twin Reverbs are the most coveted versions of this amp.

With their stated power of 85 watts, they are the most powerful Fender amps of the era.

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